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WOW official raiding suspended, D3 Wir guild founded!
01/04/2014 13:09 by Cielter

Dear Visitor,

Wir suspended official raiding in WOW until the next expansion comes. Members can find the full announcement in the guild's private forums.

On the other hand we founded a Wir spinoff guild in Diablo 3 (Reaper of Souls)! Let's meet in Sanctuary and spend some time there until we are ready to resume normal raiding!

See you soon,


SOO progress
15/11/2013 11:42 by piklor


Founders, beers and silly hats are looking at the future (and wishing you happy summer vacations!)
18/06/2013 10:06 by Laico


17/03/2013 13:01 by piklor

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Ready for 5.2
22/02/2013 11:18 by piklor

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Wind Is Rising of Silvermoon

Wind is Rising (WIR) was an old World of Warcraft guild hosted on Silvermoon, born years ago in the vanilla era from an idea of Aile (aka Alvise). Back in the days it was a casual 40 man PVE guild, very well know for its fun and relaxed environment. Unfortunately the guild "soul" got lost over the years, especially when the game evolved and Aile lost interest in it, after years of intense guild and raid leading.

Now Wind is Rising is back. But as the game and especially the people behind it changed, so did the guild.

The new WIR has been founded by three in real life friends (one of which is Aile, of course) that share a common vision about how to have fun with World of Warcraft. The current rules are stated below ... But rules aside, the guild aims to create that kind of warm, relaxed, mature, competitive and ultimately fun environment that we hope will be a fertile ground for the WoW experience for all guild members.

WIR is a "council based" guild favoring a hardcore mindset on a softcore raid schedule and management. This is a brief yet good description of our guild, as most rules came from it.

It's council based because we believe that sharing responsibility, duties and ideas both reduce the management efforts and improve its quality.
We are hardcore in our mindset because:
currently this is the only way to experience all of the game content, and we don't want to be held back in our progress by casuals, as we are committed to seeing it all
We (the council) dare to consider ourselves above the average WoW players skill wise (together we raided almost all game content from the early days, and some of us achieved the Gladiator title in PVP as well), and of course we like to play with people at our level
We don't like too many breaks during our raids as we are in the game to play and have fun not to stare at the monitor

We are softcore on our raid schedule because we don't like to raid only, we have many things to do in our life (included, unfortunately, to work)
Fortunately the game does not require 64 hours per week of raiding to clear all content anymore. All it's needed it's constant playing, gearing up (which is probably the most rewarding aspect of the game anyway) and to use some brain.

Finally we don't like to mess with guild management too much, we prefer to play the game and have fun rather than babysitting people that don't want to be babysat (i.e. mature people).

Check our RULES and apply on our forum if intersted.

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